April 11, 2005 @ 01:35 AM CMNT

I just can't comprehend this. Why, God, why?


April 7, 2005 @ 12:31 AM CMNT

Stolen from ohnotheydidnt. Go to the "portfolio" section of the site and hover your mouse over the picture to see what it looked like before "touch-ups."


March 25, 2005 @ 03:40 AM (1) CMNT

I can't stop laughing.

March 25, 2005 @ 03:05 AM CMNT

I made this quite some time ago thanks to this page. It's been edited a bit since the original. Hagrid now has a beard and I changed the contact information at the end.

Eat sluts, Malfoy!Collapse )

March 10, 2005 @ 08:47 AM (2) CMNT

AOL for 8 years.Collapse )

December 9, 2004 @ 06:55 PM CMNT

This is how much I hate you.Collapse )

September 28, 2004 @ 07:30 PM (20) CMNT

Some guy instant messaged me telling me about how much he wanted to be a girl. I feel kind of bad showing his gross pictures to everyone, but they are just too fucking weird to not post them. At least I was nice enough to alter his screen name and save him some embarrassment. Not like he has other, more important things to be embarrassed about. Like being seen in public. It is a sick, sad world that we live in these days.

Do you like man-titties?Collapse )

September 25, 2004 @ 06:05 PM (18) CMNT

Delete IrishLove23 from AOL?Collapse )

September 19, 2004 @ 03:44 PM (28) CMNT

Hey guys, I am racist.Collapse )

All right, let's get things straight. If that wav of me saying "nigger" three times offended you, then why are you on my friend's list? That means we probably don't talk much -- or ever, for that matter. So leave. If I'm such a fucking racist kike bitch, why are you still here? Go ahead and unadd me. I promise that I won't cry.

I'll put money on the fact that after that girl was done talking to me, she was thinking, "ignorant white bitch."

Chew it and swallow. Get over it or get lost.

September 12, 2004 @ 01:19 AM (14) CMNT

Happy September 11th.

Remles (6:51:01 PM):  happy sep 11.
asscxnt (6:51:24 PM):  slakjglkjasglkLKSJG DIE
Remles (6:51:24 PM):  had your moment of silsece?
asscxnt (6:51:44 PM):  NO
Remles (6:51:49 PM):  i didn't have my moment either.
Remles (6:51:54 PM):  but i did fly a plane today.

July 27, 2004 @ 01:11 AM (16) CMNT

I really hate thieves.

A while ago, I gave my old username, vikkktor, away to a girl named Alex. Last night I decided to check up on what she had done with the journal, only to find out that not only is she friends with that dumb kike, Angie (angiestoleit), but she stole my old icons from Caleida and still had my old layout up. When I politely asked her to remove the stolen icons and layout, the jackass denied everything and deleted the journal.

That was a very bad move on her part.

In retaliation, I requested the journal password and was pleased to find out that it's the very same password for her e-mail account. Basically, I changed all of the passwords for every journal she has created on Caleida, GreatestJournal, and LiveJournal, as well as the password to her e-mail, so she has no access whatsoever.


March 23, 2004 @ 12:17 AM CMNT

Today on 60 Seconds: When Christians Attack!Collapse )

March 4, 2004 @ 03:46 AM CMNT

This is the perfect example of why boredom and Google images do not go together. There is amazingly ridiculous porn beneath this cut tag. You have been warned.

The Razor Burn Chronicles.Collapse )

February 26, 2004 @ 01:28 AM CMNT

It's okay, I'm already going to Hell.Collapse )

February 23, 2004 @ 04:51 PM CMNT

It's about damn time that I made the AO_Glossary. I guess my little Tigerlily escapade set him off.

Thank you, Entemon, for boosting my popularity.  >:*

February 9, 2004 @ 03:22 PM CMNT

Be sure to look for my name on the next AO_Glossary.

Me, Tigerlilly!Collapse )

January 26, 2004 @ 03:18 AM CMNT

AOL Terms of Service Violation #1Collapse )

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